17 Dec 17: "Significant reaction" to South West School Proposals

The Education, Children & Families Committee have found in their Strategic Review that the current Super School proposal has elicited a "significant reaction" from all aspects of the community. Curriemuirend Park is "Option 1" for the site of the newly proposed Super School. The review demands it should be made clear that the proposed school is only a provisional plan and not a preferred proposal.

7 Dec 17: Currie High to close in 2022 in favour of new Super School

Edinburgh City Council announced as part of the Edinburgh Schools Review that Currie High will now close in August 2022 in favour of the new Super School: South West Edinburgh High. As already reported, "Option 1" for the new Super School is to build across Curriemuirend Park.

23 Nov 17: New Super School proposed to be built on Curriemuirend Park

Edinburgh City Council have announced the West and South West Schools review, proposing a new "Super School" to be built on Curriemuirend Park, as "Option 1". The new site will not only build over the park, but will have all the school traffic from neighbouring areas filtered down Wester Hailes Road - a road already operating beyond maximum capacity at peak times according to residents.